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About Us

John Tillinghast

John Tillinghast's first “taste” of the paper industry was spending time with his dad at Gilman Paper Company in Georgia in the 1980’s. He learned how paper board was made, everything about the machines, how things run and the rest is history!

John's career in the paper board industry took off in the early 90’s when he became the sales manager for Independent Paper Board Converting. From there he moved to Semper Paper Company which is where his love of specialty papers, films and laminates developed and grew. John read anything he could get his hands on involving paper and found it never boring, always exhilarating. He couldn’t learn fast enough. The ever changing, fast moving paper industry kept him on his toes, and still does!

In the early 2000’s John started Exceptional Papers, Inc., which developed into a thriving specialty paper and paper board manufacturing and distribution company. An unexpected business opportunity took him and his family from San Diego to Philadelphia in 2008.

John moved back to the San Diego area in 2014 and his continued love of anything “paper,” especially decorative films and foils laminated to paper, led the business in the direction of selling specialty papers to the rock poster art industry. These exceptionally talented and creative minds are a huge part of our business.

Living in the San Diego area for 22 years, John has been married to his wife, Shirley, for 19 years and they have two daughters, Gabrielle and Naomi. They also have four dogs and three cats… it’s a zoo!


Over 60 Unique Holographic Patterns

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Our Clients Love Our Paper


Exceptional Papers Inc. offers high end specialty paper that is domestically made and uses "green" packaging substrates.

Using the world’s most unique holographic replication process, we combine our own holographic lab with a proprietary holographic press that can produce custom 28” x 40” sheets with an extensive number of custom and generic holographic patterns. In addition, we manufacture and combine a variety of substrates that most people don’t even know about.

A brand has just seconds to grab your attention in a retail environment. Make that happen with Holographics.


Specializing in the Rock Poster Industry

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